Dual Sustain Single Pedal
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Testimonials from some of our DSSP customers
Kyle Whitlock 
I love the DSSP pedal! Why didn’t someone think of this idea before? 
This pedal was easily incorporated into my multi keyboard set up, and allows me to create layers of new sounds that I haven’t been able to do until now. My hat’s off to all 
of the creative inventors in this fantastic new world of 

Darrius Willrich 
The Dual Sustain Single Pedal is one of the most useful, simple and ingenious inventions I have come across during my 25 years as a keyboardist! It feels like it has always been with me. It is hard to believe it is a new invention. I use it with 
my Yamaha Motif and Kurzweil SP76. It is dependable and I have nothing but great hope for its success in the marketplace. 

Jochen Wingerter 
"The DSSP pedal is the perfect match for my KORG Live rig for the Michael Jackson Tribute Show. It's rock solid with a nice big size and has the perfect grip to use in live situations. Now I'm able to focus on my performance with laptop and keyboards and don't have to look for my different pedals any longer.
Thanks for the idea! Thumbs up!"

Brady Leffler 
“I can't believe I've gone all this time playing stacks of keyboards without the DSSP! It makes my life so much easier, and I simply can't go back. This pedal is my new secret weapon. It simplifies my rig, and it simplifies my performance. The DSSP allows me to focus more on playing, rather than dancing around tapping pedals and switches. Oh no, I just realized that I only have one...I definitely will be needing more of these in my rig. I love this thing!”
Anthony Williams 
I think of one word when you talk about DSSP, "WOW"! This pedal is simply amazing! This has been a great addition to my Korg rig on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel! I'm using two in my rig. It has changed the wayI play stacked keyboards.

This is the ONLY pedal I will ever play!

Kandace Springs
“The new DSSP is so useful! This pedal is the future and should and WILL be owned by nearly every keyboard player around for its awesome convenience giving players ability to sustain two keyboards at once without having to hassle around with two pedals. Makes playing music all the better with this simple to use, yet big accomplishment for the keyboard world.”

Craig E.
DSSP is a must have for any keyboard player using stacks, it is a definite game changer . I own all three models because I use different combination keyboards in different settings.. at church.. in my studio and out giggin. I love this pedal, its durable, convenient and its a genius invention that has made me better as a keyboard player by allowing me to be more fluent especially when it comes to transitioning sounds smoothly I would suggest that if your using stacks, that one pedal is better than two or three!
Jetro DaSilva 
I had the honor to be one of the first users of the DSSP. I loved the first time tried out and I have been using it ever since. I use it with my roland gear ( rd 700 gx and Jupiter 80). It is without one of the best if not the best product of its kind in the market. I highly recommend it. Jetro has worked with people such as: Whitney Houston, Jamie Foxx, Patti Labelle, Pastor Andrae Crouch, Earth Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and many more...


Alex MontaQue 

I first heard about the pedal on Twitter and was eager to get my hands on one. 
Used the pedal for the first time on tour, and it was perfect for my set up. 
I want to thank DSSP Flex pedal for such a great product and their support.
Highly recommend it, great piece of gear!

Athena Reich 

"The DSSP is a unique and clever invention. If you play the keyboards but want to do something a little different and stand out from the crowd, definitely check this out."


Chuck Hawkinz 
The model of DSSP I use is CE43, which has a normally closed polarity. My DSSP shipped pretty swiftly and arrived perfectly intact. I was insanely anxious to try it out, so I ripped open the packaging and got right down to business! I hooked it up to my Roland Fantom X6 and my Roland XP-80, and was immediately impressed with the results (I didn't have any doubts about the product to begin with). The pedal worked flawlessly! Not only did it sustain flawlessly, but it eradicated another problem I've been having for years, which is PEDAL SLIP. I've been annoyed with other pedals in the past because they slid all over the place--no matter how heavy or "well developed" they were; However, the DSSP is uniquely wide, and its much more flat, which gives it more contact with the ground and a lower center of gravity, thus eliminating pedal slip ON ANY SURFACE. I also love its quiet hinges. The DSSP is the perfect solution for sustaining multiple keyboards, and I'd prefer to use it even if I'm using only one keyboard at a time. Simply put, the DSSP is a BEAST! 
Dr. Lonnie Smith

“The DSSP is one of those accessories you’ve thought about but didn't’ remember what exactly it is that you thought about. Necessity comes to mind if you play stacked keyboards. This is a wonderful thing! I have two DSSP’s of my own.

Rene Curbelo
All I can say is that this is a great pedal. It’s sturdy and works exactly as advertised. I connected it to my two keyboards and was able to play both keyboards simultaneously and sustain them both with a single pedal. This pedal fills the need of every keyboard player that uses two keyboards. This is a must have for keyboard players.

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  • Dual Sustain Single Pedal

    The DSSP is equivalent to TWO pedals. Both cable lines are labeled at the ends for quick and easy set up! Durable steel case with powder-painted finish. Cover pivots on a steel shaft, providing smooth and precise motion. Wide, low-profile shape makes it easy on the user. Heel rest on the floor when using. Non-slip feet for all surfaces.


To assure that you order the correct pedal for your stacks (two keyboards) you will need to review the DSSP pedal information product tables below. Refer to the "Model Polarity Definitions" information

You will be able to select one of three pedals based on your keyboard brands. You have the option to order a CE43, CE44 or CE45. You will be able to determine which model you need by using the tables. Once you have determined the pedal you will need; click on the model box and Select the model you want to order. Proceed with check out.
Model Polarity Definitions:
CE43 - Polarity setting for this sustain pedal is NC, Normally Closed contacts (both cable lines) Keyboard brand that will work with this Sustain Pedal: Yamaha, Roland, Alesis, Kawai, Akai, Kurzweil and other keyboards that have a Normally Closed polarity setting.  "-" negative

CE44 - Polarity setting for this sustain pedal is NO, Normally Open contacts (both cable lines) Keyboard brand that will work with this Sustain Pedal: KORG, Ensoniq, Alesis, Casio, Studiologic, Kurzweil, Fatar/Novation and other keyboards that have a Normally Open polarity setting. "+" positive

CE45- Polarity setting for this sustain pedal is NO/NC, Normally Open/Normally Closed contacts (One line is Open and One Line is closed) Keyboard brands that will work with this Sustain Pedal are any combination of a normally open and normally closed polarity such as combinations Examples: KORG & Yamaha, or Ensoniq & Roland, or Alesis, Casio & Kawai, or Studioogia & Akai, or Kurzweil & Kurzwiel, or any combination of a NO/NC polarity setting. (One line "-" negative/Other Line  "+" positive)
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CE43's and CE44's and CE45's are